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Sandy Candy yummy sand art you can eat! great fundraiser or party activity

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The candy sand art you can eat!

Party packs include an assortment of popular flavors. Large Event and Fundraising kits: you may choose from dozens of yummy flavors! (see order link below for a printable worksheet)

  • Strawberry, Lemonade, Bubblegum

  • Watermelon, Cotton Candy, Grape

  • Green Apple, Root Beer

  • Strawberries & Cream

  • Vanilla Cupcake Sprinkles, Cherry

  • Fruit Punch and more!

Great idea for a fundraiser!
Easy and fun for all ages. Layer your favorite flavors in the tube and enjoy!

Sandy Candy party kit for a great craft favor and sweet treat

A craft & party favor in one!

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Activity Pak: (10) 12" tubes and

(8) bottles of flavored candy.


sandy candy small party kit for 12

Play Pak: (12) 6" tubes and

(6) bottles of flavored candy.


sandy candy party kit for 16

Party Pak: (16) 6" tubes and

(8) bottles of flavored candy.



Big Pak: (24) 6" tubes and (12) bottles of flavored candy. 29.95
Candy sand Jumbo party kit for 25

Jumbo Pak: (25) 12" tubes and

(20) bottles flavored candy.  Great for a big party or a class fun day!


Sandy Candy Mega Pak for 50 small event

Mega Pak: (50) 6" tubes and

(20) bottles flavored candy.



Add a craft and a treat to your next Youth Group event, Field Day, school dance, spaghetti dinner, church picnic or neighborhood block party.

making candy sand art party activity fun to eat! Activity Bulk Supplies: (125) 6" big tubes (looks like a test tube) and (5) 10 oz. bottles of candy sand or pebbles. green apple, grape, blue fruit punch, sweet lemonade, cherry. Some flexibility in stocked flavor choice.

Sandy Candy for your next fundraising event! 

Bulk supplies for a fundraiser activity during Open House night, PTA meeting, football game, swim meet, school carnival or street festival.  Set up the easiest booth sale ever!  Children simply use the easy pour spout bottles to layer their edible art creation. Choose your own combination - favorite flavors or school colors!

sandy candy sand art craft treat you can eat ~ great fundraiser free shipping!
  250 500 750+

6" test tube

(sells $2.00)

1.15 1.10 1.00

12" straw

(sells $3.00)

1.50 1.40 1.30

20" long tube

(sells $4.00)

1.75 1.70 1.65

Pricing includes a quantity of candy bottles appropriate for tube quantity ordered.  Free shipping!


CLICK this link for a Sandy Candy order form in pdf for printing.

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More information, tips, resources and ideas for how to use Sandy Candy:

Sandy Candy is a great twist on sand art --it's edible! Fun for Church Youth Group activities.  Cool class room fun, special event activity or festival booth.  Birthday party candy game. Available wholesale in bulk supplies for non profit group fundraiser or just for something fun to do. Ask for instructions for using Sandy Candy to teach The Lord's Prayer, the story of Noah's Ark, The Salvation Message and the story of Joseph and His Coat of Many Colors.


This is the easiest booth sale ever!  Nothing to make in advance, very little clean-up and 100% profit.  We supply everything you need plus ideas on how to prepare as well as how to increase your sales.  Candy sand art is a great alternative to typical sand art!  Children can create a quick masterpiece or they can take their time to carefully choose their color or flavor combinations.  Kids love the sweet and sour flavors.  We have supplied Sandy Candy for high school dance, school fair, craft show booth and athletic events.  The possibilities are endless!




Sandy Candy? is distributed by Fancy That.